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Carole and Shauna Easter April 20, 2003

Diane's Animated Gifs 3/24/2003

CSRNE April Fool's Ball 3/24/2003

NEW RECIPES 01/13/2003

Cookbook reviews 12/18/2002

Our Holiday Greeting 12/06/2002

Thanksgiving Wishes to you  11/2003

Recipes  11/01/2002

Carole with Daddy at Thanksgiving

Cute New Picture of Carole  Fall 2002

Driving Rain Concert Tour Song List

God Bless America from Ebony and Tramp 9/12/2002

Diane's Poetry 7/17/2002

What happened TODAY in HISTORY 5/25/2002

Information about how to save a Vineyard  5/6/2002

WEDDING DETAILS and Pictures 4/23/2002

Sauerbraten 4/12/2002

Nana's Cole Slaw

Potato Salad 2/18/2002



Kelly will go to the Hall of Fame and Buffalo Bills Football  2/3/2002



TRAMP'S PAGE 1/22/2002

THE DOGS LINKS 1/22/2002

American Anthem 1/27/2002

Our Favorite Charities 1/1/2002

Diane's Favorite Cookbooks 12/26/2001





I have updated the backgrounds for the season and added a countdown to Christmas script.

Removed Blog because it was the source of much SPAM.

I have removed outdated Quick Picks.  Many of them  can still be accessed from here.

I have a new review of some old standards:  Click here to read about Lean and Luscious or Lean and Luscious and Meatless.

I posted some new pictures of Easter 2003.  I removed the Cocker Spaniel Rescue April Fool's Ball links.

I created a page to show off and store my animated gifs.  I am learning to use Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop.

I posted information about the CSRNE April Fool's Ball.  This is a wonderful rescue group for Cocker Spaniels and if you can support them please do.

I updated the website for the seasonal change to Spring 2003.  I removed the Thanksgiving and Christmas 2002 files and greetings.  (March 24, 2003)

Again I have added new recipes.  

There are new cookbooks listed and some great recipes from Jean Anderson's new cookbook.

Christmas is coming.  The site has a new look and lots of Christmas links.  Check out the human and dog Holiday wishes.

See our Thanksgiving wish for you and some KEWL Thanksgiving links.

See some new recipes.  I will be posting our Thanksgiving menu in the next few weeks along with the recipes I will be using.

Ebony and Tramp have a new 911 Tribute.

There is a cute new picture of Carole.  

We went to the Paul McCartney Driving Rain Concert on April 17, 2002.  It was awesome.  See the song list here.

Diane started an archive of her favorite poetry.  We will also include links to sites for other poetry and research.

On April 6, 2002 Diane and Mike began their life together as a married couple.   Follow some of the planning and ideas and see some of the pictures!!

Diane has posted a few more family favorites, including Sauerbraten, Cole Slaw and Chicken Stew.  Diane's Warm Potato Salad Recipe is newly posted.

Check out the story of the Railroad and 83 inches of snow in Buffalo over Christmas 2001.

Want to know what happened today in history??  Well we found this really kewl java script that shows you right on our page.

On 2/3/2002  it was announced that Jim Kelly will enter the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio this coming August.

On January 26, 2002 we saw a wonderful production of an American Anthem by the Hand-to-Mouth Players, a Westchester County Community theater group. This was a benefit for the World Trade Center victims and their families.  See their web site for more information at:   http://www.htmplayers.com

We also picked up our new puppy on 1/27/2002.  He is gorgeous.  Click on the links to the left to see his pictures and read about him.

There have been a few new jokes added for you laughing pleasure.

Diane got the book Skipping Christmas by John Grisham for Christmas.  Check out the review and buy the book used for only $10.00 through the link to Amazon.

Today there is a link from the main page and also from our charities page to get to the Red Cross website to contribute your share to the relief fund for the victims of the terrorist acts on 9/11/2001.