Bad Buffalo weather brings
out the best in railroaders


Mother Nature unleashed her fury on parts of western New York in the days following Christmas, burying Buffalo under 83 inches of snow.

"Luckily, the wind wasn't a factor," said Eddie Otey, division engineer, Harrisburg. "There wasn't enough snow to classify it a blizzard, if you can imagine that. It was what forecasters called a 'snow event.'"

Though slowed, NS operations never stopped, thanks to the hard work of some 80 NS employees and four local contractors.

"Everyone did an outstanding job," said Otey. "Many gave up vacation time and worked on New Year's Day to keep the lines open."

Armed with snow blowers, front-end loaders and other equipment, crews worked shifts around the clock to clear miles of tracks, minimizing service disruption in the area.

"You can't plow seven feet of snow," said Paul Sciotti, assistant division engineer. "You have to pick it up and move it."

By Jan. 4, operations were back to near normal. Crews continued working, preparing for more snow.

"I've never seen anything like it," said Sciotti. "Bad weather just brings out the best in railroaders."

Snow in Buffalo

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