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Rock & Roll, soul and Jazz cover bands we've seen in central NJ

Name Ranking Comments
2 Floors DownOK Classic Rock - seen @ Pheasants Landing Underground Pub.
9 SouthExcellent A high energy party band blending yesterday's great rock standards with today's party rock favorites.
Acoustic RoadExcellent Keyboard & acoustic/electric guitar - great harmonies & song choices! Seen @ Underground Pub. @ Pheasants Landing.
Amethyst + The PicklesGreat Female singer & 5 men that all sing.  Many songs from 80's songs like Guns 'n Roses, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar etc.  Their vocals blend well together with a very full sound.
Amish OutlawsOK We saw them at Colorado Cafe
The Anonymous BandVery Good Motown, R&B/Stax and soul, Good choices of music. Seen at Rhythms NJ
A Sound AffairGood classic rock, dance; good choices of music.
Bad Willie BandGood They specialize in rhythm and 'old school' blues. Seen at Rhythms NJ
Band 6Good 60's Classic Rock. 
Bargain (Who tribute)Awesome! 60's & 70's The Who music. 
Big Bang BabyVery Good 60's - 80's Classic Rock. 
Big Bone DaddyExcellent 60's - 80's Classic Rock. 
Big Orange ConeGood Band that is very popular with younger women.  They play 80's - present pop.
Bitter-XAwesome 80's mainstream with a strong metal bias - oh so good!
Black DogGreat Led Zeppelin tribute
Black Widow BandGreat Blues Band Seen at Rhythms NJ
BombayAwesome! Members of three 80's local bands (TT Quick, Prophet & Edgar Cayce) that play all the best metal of the late 70's, 80's & 90's.
Brian Kirk & the JerksVery Good We saw this band at Colorado Cafe.
Broad BannedOK Classic Rock cover band.
Cabana BoysVery Good Seen at a few places. A spin off of Bombay, mostly newer metal & harder rock.
Carnaby Street BandAwesome! Mostly pop rock of the 60's, many that're rarely heard live. Seen @ The Tap Room, Warren in The Somerset Hills Hotel
Catmoondaddy BandOK Classic rock, Vintage blues & boogie, Swingin' love songs, Soul classics, Fine folk & country ballads, Pop sounds with a twist, Forgotten gems & Catmoondaddy originals..
CC Coletti
(was CC & Crew)
OK Classic Rock.
Cellar DwellersVery Good Classic Rock. Seen @ Pheasants Landing Underground Pub
The CharactersAwesome! The very best in 60's & 70's "bubble-gum" & 'Top 40' music. Great showmanship!
Cellar Dwellers BandVery Good Classic Rock of the 60's, 70's & 80's.
City SoundsVery Good Dancable Classic Rock & 'old school' Disco hits of the 70's & 80's.
Cocktail Sauce and the ShrimpsVery Good Classic Rock & 'old school' (70's & 80's) southern rock & blues cover band.
Cover2CoverVery Good The lead female singer is AWESOME!
The CrossTonesGreat Doo-wop band.
Custard LiveExcellent Lead singer is AWESOME! (Led Zeppelin tribute)
Dangerous New HighsGood 80's and 90's Rock & Roll cover band.
Denis Peters BandGreat Blues and Classic Rock  We saw them at Pheasants Landing Underground Pub.
DieselGood 80's and 90's hard Rock & Roll cover band.
Dog VoicesGood Led Zeppelin and more
Double DeuceGood Classic Rock. Mostly 70's & 80's; some 60's. Seen at Rhythms NJ
Dr DozGood Classic Rock cover band.
D'raildGreat Duo playing soft acoustic folk rock.
The Drunk MonkeysGood four-piece party band playing an eclectic mix of pop, rock and dance favorites from the 60s to today.
Due SouthGreat country band: Brooks & Dunn, Dierks Bentley, Lady Antebellum, Sugarland, and Keith Urban. Some old time too.
Edgar CayceExcellent 60's, 70's & 80's Classic metal rock.
FreakGood Heavy Metal Rock of the 90's and onward. Seen at Rhythms NJ
Future 86Good Classic Rock cover band.
FuzzpopsAwesome The best of wedding bands.  Good for a wide variety of dance music. 
Garden State RadioAwesome Female singer is AWESOME! 80's & 90's popular music playlist.
General’s KrankGreat Female singer is AWESOME! 80's & 90's popular music playlist.
HeartbreakerGreat A wide variety of rock-n-roll music from the 70's to the present.
Heritage BandGreat A three-piece acoustic band that plays a wide variety of music from the 60's to the present.
High In the Mid 80sGood New Wave and Pop music from the early to mid 80s!
Hit 'n RunGood Top 40 rock music of the late 60's to early 80's. Last show 4/30/'11
HooversExcellent They play classic rock of the 60's to the alternative music of today. Seen at The Underground Pub.
Hung JuryVery Good Were at Buddies Tavern, Sayreville. They play lots of 70's & 80's Metal Rock Classics.
Jersey ShadesOK We haven't seen them in many years.
Jersey SurecatsOK 60's, 70's & 80's Classic Rock.
Jessica ParisGreat Acoustic cover music.
Jody JosephsAwesome Joplin cover band and originals.
The KickbackExcellent Classic Rock Cover band.
Kickin the MustardGood Classic Rock Cover band.
Launch PadExcellent Alternative/Expiremental originals dance rock group that has a Ukelele player. @ Underground Pub.
Life SpeedVery Good 80's - present rock covers band.
Lip ServiceGood Pop-Rock Covers band.
Liquid GardenAwesome Lots of 'Old School' Classic Rock: Deep Purple, Cream, Derek & the Dominos, Steppenwolf, Moutain, Marshall Tucker Band & more! Seen @ Underground Pub.
Lost in PlaceGood Classic Rock & dance band.
MamaLukeAwesome! classic rock of the 60's-80's at its best. Lots of Van Morrison & Beatles songs.
Mama's StewAwesome! Classic party rock, R&B, Motown, some country favorites all from the 50's through the 80's.
Mobius StripExcellent Rock, funk, blues, dance, jam band focusing on the most popular songs.
MojoGood General rock covers.
The MonsterAwesome! Female bass player who sings and wails on Led Zeppelin
Mo'RockOK Consistant playlist of Top 40 music. Late 50's to late 70's.
The MoversVery Good Classic rock. Seen @ Pheasants Landing. Underground Pub.
The NerdsAwesome! A show to end all shows.  Cover rock music of the 60's to present.
NJ Party BandGood Lots of dance music, and lots of Beatles!
One Flight UpGood classic and modern rock.
Party of FiveExcellentclassic and modern Rock & Roll. Seen @ Underground Pub.
Phil 'n the VoidExcellent Very engaging and vocally talented lead singer. Classic Rock 70's & 80's.
The PicklesGreat Acoustic & electric.
Piece of CandiGood Seen at a Benefit in Manville.
PranksterVery Good Classic Rock. Seen @ Pheasants Landing. Underground Pub.
Pump CityVery Good A break off of Big Orange Cone; Better!
R&B ShowGreat Covers from classic Motown to current radio hits.
The Ramblin DawgsGreat An energetic, rock-driven modern blues band.
The Real DealAwesome Joey La Fragola - Great guitar player. Pete - excellent keyboard and vocals. Plays everything from ZZ Top to Santana to pop.
Road KingsVery Good Blues & Classic Rock. Seen @ Pheasants Landing. Underground Pub.
Rock CandyGood Classic Rock Cover.
Rock Out LoudExcellent Continuous rock show of hits of the 60's to late 80's. Excellent female vocalists.
Rojo MojoAwesome! Duo performing acoustic renditions of 60's, 70's and 80's popular & hard rock music. Rob Viola & John 'Ace' Albino.
Root 80Great Classic Rock Cover
Screaming BroccoliGreat Rock Cover
Secret Agent BandVery Good Classic Rock Cover
She Said SundayExcellent Excellent female vocalist. Classic and Modern Rock Covers.
The SilvertonesGood They play oldies music from the DooWop era to the 70's to Motown with a little country. Seen @ Underground Pub.
Simple GrooveExcellent Excellent female vocalist. Classic Rock and blues rock Covers.
Slippery When Wet
(Bon Jovi tribute band.)
Very Good Excellent vocalist. Classic Rock Covers.
Six to MidnightVery Good Excellent vocalist. Classic Rock Covers.
Shore SoundzGood Classic Rock Cover
Sensational Soul CruisersAwesome Motown, R&B/Stax & soul, Good choices of music. Seen at Rhythms NJ
Sonic ReignGood Classic Rock - AC/DC to ZZ Top and AC/DC tribute
Sound BitesGreat Classic Rock Cover
South FerryGood Classic Rock Cover
Street HassleVery Good Eleven piece '60's Horn Rock' band.
Strictly 60'sVery Good We saw them at Kerwins They play 60's rock classics. The keyboard player is out of site!
Stolen HeartsExcellent We have seen them at Pheasants Landing Underground Pub. The folkier side of 60s Rock-n-Roll Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Paul Simon, George Harrison.
Suburban DisturbanceExcellent We have seen them at Pheasants Landing Underground Pub. They play many songs that others don't play.
Sudsy JugsGood Celtic band. Seen at Pourman's Pub, Manville.
Tal Patten and friendsGreat Single acoustic or small band. Solo he plays all night without few breaks!
Tastes Like ChickenAwesome Awesome renditions of classic to modern pop plus many from Billy Joel, the Eagles & Pink Floyd. They ALWAYS fill places to overflow; they're that good!
Toga Party BandExcellent Fun, party band that gets the crowd dancing.
Total SoulGreat Motown Cover
Tres HombresAwesome! Tres Hombres is a 70's and 80's Classic/Hard Rock band that consists of former members of: Skid Row, Dee Snyder, The Pretenders, Nuclear Assault, Prophet, The White Boys, and Edgar Cayce.
Tommy StrazzaExcellent Singer/songwriter & guitarist for several bands: The Strazzacasters, Hey Bulldog (Beatles copy), Okra Winfrey & G-Man Syndicate. Acoustic solo/duo as well.
TwitchVery Good Classic rock covers
Urban Trip BandExcellent 80's & current rock. They're so good. When the DJ stopped we couldn't tell if it was the DJ or the band. Seen @ The Colorado Cafe.
Virgin VinylExcellent Classic rock covers.  Large variety of Classic Rock, Billy Joel, and other 70's headliners. Seen @ Underground Pub.
The Waffle BandGreat They play funky rock. We saw them at Pheasants Landing. Underground Pub.
Walnut StreetGreat Rock Cover and originals. Seen @ Underground Pub.
The WayBackMachineGreat Songs from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, & current.
Wayside ManorGreat Rock Cover and originals.
Wing ItGood Classic Rock Cover
The WrecksExcellent We have seen them at the Colorado Cafe. They play mostly the harder side of 80's and 90's modern rock.
Yasgur's FarmGreat Classic Rock Cover
YorktownGreat Classic Rock Cover
ZooKeepersExcellent Classic Rock Cover

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