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Our Family

Shauna is Mike's daughter.  She is a beautiful, talented wonderful 22 year old. But by the time she is finished growing up we will all have many more gray hairs.  Shauna has just started college.   She also enjoys listening to music.  Her taste is varied and runs from RAP to Classical.  Lately she has been collecting MP3's using KaZaA.  Shauna's page is always under construction.

Tramp and Effie are our dogs.  Ebony who left this place for the rainbow bridge was the child Diane never had.    Want to know more about Tramp and Effie?  Click here to go to the dogs link.  

We love spending time with our families.  Sometimes we entertain in the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts.  The house there is a retreat for us and located close to many of our favorite leisure activities.   We go to Vermont to swim at the Ledges and concerts at Tanglewood in Stockbridge.  Western Massachusetts is a cultural mecca of theatre and arts.  Check out the website at http://www.berkshires.com/ for all of the many activities and history of the Berkshires.

To see many pictures of our families and lives please visit our photo albums at http://photos.yahoo.com/ebony_524/ and here to see the latest pictures of Carole with Aunt "Dan" and  Carole with Daddy.