Some ideas to personalize your invitations or vows.


This day I will marry

my friend, the one who

shares my dreams


A new day

A new life

Together . . .


One love that

is shared by two . . .



Each of us a half . . . incomplete

together we are as one





As our marriage

brings new meaning to love,

so our love

brings new meaning to life



With an endless love

we'll share our thoughts,

our dreams, ourselves




This day

I will marry my friend,

the one I laugh with, live for,

dream with, love


On our wedding day

a new life has its start

We'll share with each other

one love, one dream, one heart


The miracle of love is

that love is given to us

to give to one another . . .


Love fills the moment,

and the moment begins eternity

Love fills a lifetime,

and a lifetime begins this hour


The love we share today

shines from sunrise to sunrise

growing brighter year to year

as we share our lives


The promise of our life together

is as bright as the

colors of the rainbow



In the sweetness of love,

let there laughter,

and in all our tomorrows,

the freshness of today


Two hearts that

beat as one . . .

And the two

shall become one . . .


A fresh new day,

and it is ours,

a day of happy beginnings



How beautiful is the day

that is touched by Love


To have and to hold

from this day forward


And we shall become one

to share all the days of our lives


This day our hearts

are joined as one


A time for love

A time for us


The path

that leads to


is so narrow

that two cannot

walk on it,

unless they become one


He didn't put a diamond in my champange glass

or get down on one knee

but his gentle proposal

brought tears to my eyes,

and my acceptance

brought tears to his . . .


For hearing my thoughts,

understanding my dreams,

and being my best friend . . .

For filling my life with music

and loving me without end . . .

I do


He is soft-spoken,

and I am a chatterbox

He loves a love story,

and I like to laugh

He whispered,

"Will you marry me?"

and I shouted, "Yes!"


I dreamed of a wedding

of elaborate elegance . . .

A church filled with flowers and friends . . .

I asked him what kind of a wedding

he wished for . . .

He said one that would make me his wife



On this day, years ago,

I married my firend,

the one who shares

my dreams, life and love





Take my hand

and say you will follow me


Our life


begins this

day . . .



lights the hearts

of those

who share it


The daisies of the field

are as fresh and perfect

as our love . . .



Each of us - a half - incomplete

together we are as one . . .

in this there shall be joy



Love fills the moment

and the moment begins eternity

Love fills a lifetime

and a lifetime begins this hour


In this world of uncertainty

and confusion,

we two have found each other . . .

different yet alike

We have grown together in

love and understanding


This day I will marry my best friend

the one I laugh with, live for, love




On this day I will marry my friend

the one who shares my dreams, life and love



As a rainbow

brings beauty to our lives

so our love

brings the promise of joy



Two lives, two hearts

joined together in friendship

united forever in




We have experienced love

in our families and friends

and now a new love in each other.

With sincere joy and a firm desire

to give this love its fullest expression . . .


The most joyous of occasions

is the union of a man and woman

in celebration of life . . .


With each believing the other to be

a fiver of love, a sharer of sorrow

a bringer of joy and a reson for life


In God's love, faithful and tru

Seasons change to start anew

Coloring memoires along life's trail

May faith, hope and patience prevail

Exchanging vows we pledge with care

Precious moments we wish to share

Diane & Robert Zywotko

Through an exclusive arrangement, this quote is available for us on Regency invitations only.


Today our firendship,

our love, our lives,

become united . . .

_________(Bride and Groom)

invite you to share

their celebration of marriage


In the sweetness of love

let there be laughter

and in all our tomorrows

the fresness of today



In the spirit of Christian joy,

_________ (Bride and Groom) invite you

to witness their wedding vows

and share their happiness



A  glance, a smile,

became a friendship,

grew into love


As our love unites us,

may my family become your familiy,

my friends your friends


You are my beloved, you are my friend




One Man

One Woman

One life

filled with wonder


A life of sharing, caring

A love of endless giving together

in the spirit of Christian Joy


Love is a smile to share,

an ear to listen and a heart to love


And this our Life, Our Beginning

- Shakespeare

Hearts filled with joy,

lives filled with love


Our life together begins this day . . .


You are a part of our lives . . .

please be a part of

our celebration of love.


As we marry, we face the future

secure in our faith in God

and in our love for each other


Like the flames of two candles

that unite

to form a single flame



Two friends

touched love

and joined their hearts


Hand in hand, heart to heart,

love encircles us


Today two lives

will become one,

united by vows

spoken with love


Today two families

will become one,

united by vows

spoken with love


And now abideth

Faith, Hope, Love, all three

and the greatest of these

is Love

1 Corinthians 13:13


This is My commandment

that you love one another

as I have loved you

John 15:12


Delight yourself also in the Lord

And He shall give you

the desires of your heart

Psalm 37:4



I hold you in my heart

for we have shared together

God's blessings

Philippians 1:7



knows no limit

to its endurance

no end

to its trust,

Love still stands

when all else has fallen

I Corinthians 13:7-8


Through love

serve one another

Galatians 5:13


I have great joy and encouragement

because of your love

Philemon 7


I have found the one

whom my soul loves

Song of Solomn 3:4

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