Diane (Mike), today I choose you to be my wife (husband), and I do it proudly and openly in the presence of our family.  I consider it an honor and a privilege to be the one you have chosen as your husband (wife).

You are all I ever dreamed of, or dared to hope for. I choose to marry you this day and I want to grow old with you. You are the joy of my life, the love of my heart and my reason for living. I commit myself to you for all eternity.

I promise to be a true and faithful husband (wife). I will be faithful to you even as we grow old together and our body’s age, even when we face illness, and even if we should have financial problems. I will show compassion when you are sad and joy when you are happy. I will give you honesty and sincerity. I will accept and love your family (daughter and family) as my own.

I promise to love and trust you always, to listen to you, to nourish you with my praise, and to never take you for granted. I promise to respect you and be honest with you always. I promise to be a good listener and a safe confidante. You are always welcome into my innermost world and I promise to share my goals, ideas and fantasies with you.

As we grow together throughout our marriage, there are no limitations on the possibilities of our relationship and I hope we never realize just how high our high can be.

I promise this from my heart, with my soul and until death parts us.





I give you this ring as an everlasting sign of my promises to be your husband/(wife), lover, best friend and soul mate.