Diane's German Knockwurst


10 knockwurst (about 2 pounds)

1 quart sauerkraut (the best quality you can find.)

1/2 pound thick sliced bacon

2 granny smith apples

4 tablespoons spicy brown mustard

Slice bacon into 1 inch pieces. This is easiest to do if bacon is

partially frozen. Fry bacon on medium high heat until soft. Do not

brown or crisp. While bacon is frying cut onion in half and slice thinly. The object with the onion is to have it mix with the sauerkraut so it should be sliced to match the size. When bacon is soft, add onion to frying pan. Lower the heat a bit and continue to cook onion and bacon until onion is translucent. Again, it should look like the sauerkraut.

(At this point if you want to make this is a crock-pot or Nesco you can pour all into the bottom of the insert and continue to layer the


Peel and core 2 granny smith apples and slice thin wedges into the frying pan. Stir around to mix. Add mustard and stir around until everything is evenly coated with the yellow tint. Place knockwurst to nestle into mixture. Pour sauerkraut over top.

If cooking on top of stove cook on very low for at least 4 hours. You will probably want to check for sticking at least once.

Crock-pot or Nesco instructions: Cover and cook on low (200) 6-8 hours or high (275-300) for 4 hours.

Serve with good quality German rye or pumpernickel or sourdough bread.

Makes 3-4 dinner servings for hungry people.

Diane's extra notes:

1. If you can get old-fashioned barrel sauerkraut this is really the best type to use. I get it at a Pennsylvania Dutch Farmer's Market and it is really the best.

2. I make this is a Rival Electric Skillet that has a lid with a closable steam vent. This way I don't have to change pans and I can use it to "slow-cook" by closing the steam vent and lowering temperature to 200.